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Community Manager - Efixo

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Company & Context is an online community supporting the development and distribution of the Free Software code running on the triple play device provided by SFR. There currently are over 3.5 million devices in operation in France. The site is currently run mostly by Efixo, the maker of the software and exclusive contractor of SFR.

Main function

Facilitate the development of the software community and its interactions with the internal teams.

Key Responsibilities

  • Gather and analyze feedback from the community, based on :
    • 1- Forums, chat, fan sites, social networks ;
    • 2- Data collected by the Efixo liaison while they answer support request and moderate the site ;
    • 3- Quantitative data based on user actions on the code repository
  • Provide regular status reports as required by stakeholders and escalate suggestions, comments and issues to the Efixo liaison.
  • Follow forum discussions, interact with the users to provide answers when possible. Write, edit and post content to the blog.
  • Interact with users (forum, chat, fan sites, social networks…) to provide community services and encourage developers participation, and escalate support questions or one-to-one situations to Efixo liaison (your focus is on group interactions, but you monitor community perception of CSR answers when they are public).
  • Moderate activity of the online community (forums, blog, user-created content…).
  • Create opportunities for other team (Efixo and SFR employees) members throughout the organization to have authentic interactions and conversations with the community.
  • Contribute ideas to grow and support the community with events, contests and other initiatives, both online and « in real life ». Represent at conferences, conventions and events.
  • Implement and contribute to the social media strategy
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of and its universe, as well as the pop culture of the audience.


  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Demonstrated professional writing skills (blog/forums posts, articles or editorials).
  • At least one year previous experience with online communities and forum moderation (though not necessarily with development sites or professionally).
  • Experience in interacting with developers ideally both online and « in real life ». Empathic and energetic individual, with an ability to see things through the eyes of a Free Software developer and lead them through creative activities.
  • Previous experience in management of teams of volunteer contributors.
  • History of transcribing anecdotal, qualitative and quantitative data into regular management reports for the rest of the company.
  • Excellent survey writing and metrics-generating techniques.
  • Solid understanding of embedded devices and Free Software culture


  • Education : Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent experience).
  • Fluent French speaker, English speaker is a plus.
  • Software : Strong computer skills.

Employment status : Full time contract

Reports to : Efixo liaison.


  • Contexte du travail : CID , Télétravail possible

Coordonnées pour contact

  • Votre Nom : Raphaël HUCK
  • Courriel : raphael DOT huck AT efixo DOT com

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par Raphael Huck le 13 août 2010
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